Boardwalk’s toolkit shapes GKN’s diversity and inclusion programme and scales training for 1,500 managers and 50,000 employees globally


Unearth gaps and opportunities for current diversity and inclusion plans

Create board level awareness programme

Design and deliver content for global diversity and inclusion training

Develop a ‘Train the Trainer’ programme for global delivery

GKN is a global engineering business. Every time you travel by road or air almost anywhere in the world it is likely that GKN is helping you on your way.


GKN had just begun their journey towards developing and implementing a diversity and inclusion strategy. They recognised that they had to expand the pool of talent available to them around the world to continue to lead the field.

The timetable was tight and Boardwalk, having conducted an initial staff survey and interviews, worked closely with the diversity and inclusion steering group and HR leads to develop an awareness programme and deliver it to the Board and Senior leadership team of each division.  Boardwalk’s Toolkit was used to identify key areas of focus, with measures. The success of these initiatives led to Boardwalk being asked to train the in-house house team to deliver the programme to 1,500 front-line managers.  The content was adapted, a train the trainers’ session was created and delivered, together with a trainers’ pack for global rollout.

The training was successfully delivered on time, within a tight timescale, and GKN continues to use Boardwalk’s Diversity and Inclusion toolkit to measure progress.

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Key areas for diversity and inclusion plans agreed, with measures set

Executive commitment to actions identified across all units

Training successfully designed to scale for the global workforce

“Through Boardwalk, GKN now has a stable foundation on which Diversity and Inclusion can be built upon and promoted to all reaches of the organisation.”

Monique Carter, Group Human Resources Director, GKN

“The partnership between GKN and Boardwalk provided a wonderful introduction to Diversity and Inclusion that was tailored to the employees themselves.”

Monique Carter, Group Human Resources Director, GKN

“Boardwalk’s organisation of material seamlessly aligned to GKN’s vision for future Diversity and Inclusion policies and projects while also establishing a connection with employees and creating an inclusive environment.”

Monique Carter, Group Human Resources Director, GKN

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