Hilary Rodham Clinton, Politician and Democratic Party's nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election.  

As a beneficiary myself, I believe so strongly in the power of female mentorship, and am delighted to learn about the efforts you are undertaking to help women support other women. Please know that I am cheering you on in this vital work.”

Dr Yasmin Jetha, Non-Executive Director, Nation Media Group. Former CIO Bupa and COO, Financial Times 

“Diversity is an incredible strength when you get capable people with different perspectives working together. But diversity like any strength needs to be harnessed and managed carefully. I believe Boardwalk leadership has enhanced our understanding of diversity with their research in championing women leaders.”

Joan H. Underwood, Project Manager, Caribbean Leadership Project 

“Boardwalk Leadership has provided a platform for me to expand the scope of my own work in promoting gender diversity in the public and private sectors. The Championing model and the associated compelling findings on how the practice benefits both parties in the relationship and the organization on a whole has helped to expand our dialogue and advocacy in the Caribbean.”

Linda Sward, Director – Public Sector, Sweden, Microsoft 

“The programme delivered by Boardwalk was a truly great leadership development journey. What made it different from other leadership training was the personal touch that made you reflect on yourself as a leader; Who you were today and who you wanted to be. The group was diverse, which added to the accelerated development, since you had the opportunity to see and explore different perspectives and points of view. The training was a fantastic mix of theoretical learning, practical group exercises and on-the-job implementing what you learned. This is why, today and after several years since the training, I still use what I learned"

Sarah Tookey, Senior Director, Marketing, Oracle 

“The leadership program put together by Boardwalk was inspirational and pushed me beyond anything any other course has ever achieved. The team got right to the core of what I really wanted and gave me the confidence to make some significant changes in my career. I have gone on to draw on the tools that they gave me both for myself and with my team on a regular basis.”

Karina Govindji, Group Head of Diversity and inclusion, Vodafone 

“Boardwalk leadership have provided significant thought leadership and support on my personal journey as a D&I specialist. They have a vast network and access to deep and relevant research to help understand the barriers women are facing in the workplace and to support organisations on the journey to uncover biases and reach 30% women in leadership roles and beyond.”

Jutta Graefensteiner, Director, Channel and Partners, Cisco  

“Boardwalk’s leadership programme differed massively from any training I have previously attended. The different building blocks of the training came together over time like a puzzle and initiated a very personal journey for every single participant. The individual transformation then led to a transformation to become a leader from the inside out. For me, it was the starting point of my real leadership career and still, after years, I utilise the learnings from the programme every day in my business and private life.”

Phil Walker, CEO Summerswood Ltd 

"In McKinsey’s definitive study ‘Women Matter’, there is conclusive evidence that having women in the boardrooms of our top companies would not just be a good thing for cultural balance, but would have a direct impact in driving up shareholder value. In fact, diverse boards perform better. Despite these facts, we live in an odd world where “alternative facts” now have credence. There is a critical need for evidence based research on diversity and inclusion backed up with real world practice on what companies should do and where they should start on this fundamental issue. The topic is complex and is not helped by cliché and shoddy thinking. Kitty and Shaheena bring that rare combination of robust intellectual thinking combined with real experience working with FTSE companies. I have seen their work first hand and I have been very impressed with their approach.”

Sabrina Dar, Director – Sales Acceleration, Cisco Canada 

“Boardwalk’s leadership programme provides a combination of academic insight and high quality research which can be applied in practical, digestible and relatable ways. Their unique approach encouraged me to look further and further inside as to what really drives me and what I personally do to deliver impact. The tangible Leadership Impact Plan, which I used for my (successful) interview for GM, East Africa, and which I have used since in further roles, has been invaluable to my career. The combination of humour, creative delivery and diverse perspectives from the trainers, made it, quite simply, a life changing experience and one which I would highly recommend.”

Susanne Thorning-Lund, Partner - Board Practice, Odgers Berndtson 

“To describe Boardwalk in a nutshell, I would say that they are energetic and consistently tireless in their advocacy across all aspects of diversity and inclusion. Boardwalk’s business-oriented, fact-based, can-do approach grounded in deep expertise is gently persistent, rather than insistent and based on real-life situations. You only have to look at some of the wonderful role models in their latest easy to read and accessible book, ‘Championing Women Leaders’. The case study alone, continued at the start of each chapter, is a must-read for any leader and aspirational women in particular. They also led the impressive Commonwealth study - a first across multiple cultures and countries, showcasing that diversity and inclusion is as important in Canada as it is in India. This successfully led to the formation of the Commonwealth Diversity Forum to tackle the lack of gender diversity on boards across the Commonwealth.”

Audrey Mandela, Director, Mandela Associates 

"In March 2016 Women in Telecoms & Technology (WiTT) hosted a special members' dinner with Lady Kitty Chisholm and Dr Shaheena Janjuha-Jivraj, founders of BoardWalk Leadership. Kitty and Shaheena spoke about their global research-based book, "Championing Women Leaders," which shows that championship is the key differentiator between women who achieve leadership roles and those who don't. The talk was well received, and was followed by a very lively discussion, with attendees sharing their personal career experiences and soliciting advice for themselves and for women they work with or mentor. Our members went away with some valuable practical advice and a new perspective on women's leadership.”

Gloria Agyemang, Head of School of Management, Royal Holloway, University of London

“Kitty is an inspiring leader. As a member of our Advisory Board, her insightful mentoring and coaching skills have helped us to develop strategies that enable progressive change in the School of Management. In particular, Kitty has supported professional development of individual women in the School and personally I value her vivacious energy and positive attitude which has supported me to grow as a leader.”