Embedding thought leaders into your team, helping to empower from the inside


Our experts are often asked to stay involved with organisations after the successful delivery of one off programmes. Consulting, whether it be light touch or fully immersed within internal teams, allows us to support and empower in-house staff, bringing external though leadership into the fabric of your organisation.

Our clients say that working with us as consultants to support their Diversity and Inclusion ambitions has helped their teams gain a 360 view of the organisation.

Suitable for

  • Diversity and Inclusion leads and their teams
  • HR or L&D leads and their teams
  • Individuals who are shaping a Diversity & Inclusion plan for their organisation without a dedicated D&I lead


  • Educated and empowered internal teams focusing on Diversity and Inclusion goals
  • Fresh perspectives and sharp focused thinking in achieving goals
  • Teams across the organisation that are committed to achievingcompany wide diversity and inclusion strategies
  • Building awareness and influencing change with key stakeholders from executive leadership to middle management

Organisational benefits

  • Strong return on investment –customised support that speaks to the needs of your organisation
  • Access to greater resources for good practice in achieving diversity and inclusion goals
  • Access to thought leadership in the diversity and inclusion space
  • Empowered, confident effective advocates who are able to articulate diversity and inclusion aspirations
  • A clear, practical, innovative diversity and inclusion strategy
  • Accelerated organisational transformation

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