Research and Trends

Access to insights and new knowledge shaping the diversity and inclusion landscape


We have proven expertise in designing, compiling and publishing global diversity and inclusion research studies. Our projects have influenced government policy and provide industry benchmarks for organisations. We are regularly commissioned by government organisations and companies to take on large and complex research projects. We are skilled in a wide range of methodologies and select the most relevant techniques to achieve the best results.

Suitable For

  • Government organisations
  • Private and Public Sector bodies and companies
  • NGOs and charities
  • Academic institutions


  • Accessible and accurate analytics
  • Results you can take action on
  • Identification of global trends and best practices
  • Benchmarks on industry progress and competitive position
  • Innovative and interactive infographics and media to display results


  • Innovation in design and rigorous methodology, customised to your needs
  • Approaches grounded in Psychology, Neuroscience and Leadership behaviour
  • Insights and new knowledge to shape diversity and inclusion strategy
  • Access to a range of data capture approaches including surveys, focus groups, interviews, case studies and meta analyses
  • Skilled, experienced moderators and interviewers with cross-sector, multicultural experience

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Latest insights

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