Championing Leaders

Empower your high potential people to become change makers


This life changing leadership experience has been developed by the team that wrote the book on Championing Leadership. After taking part in this experiential course, participants leave with a genuine mindset shift and tools to implement real change and lead with confidence, clarity and courage. Interactive course content, including role plays, case studies and immersive exercises, is customised and co-created to suit your unique needs and culture.

Suitable for

  • High potential individuals who are in the Director, Divisional Manager or VP pipeline
  • Aspirational talented individuals from diverse backgrounds. The programme can be tailored for specific communities e.g. Women, BAME, LGBT+  individuals


This programme develops you to become a leader who delivers exceptional results through:

  • Dreaming big, finding and fulfilling your aspirations
  • Defining and shaping your unique leadership brand, values and style
  • Resilience, clear vision and powerful communications that build trust
  • Increased confidence, presence and capacity to authentically inspire and influence
  • Story telling techniques to motivate and engage stake holders across your organisation
  • Self-mastery, strategic thinking and planning skills
  • Better decision making in adverse turbulent environments
  • Talent management, succession planning and team development
  • The capacity to continue learning and applying new thinking to challenges
  • Coaching leadership skills and the ability to transfer knowledge and capabilities to your team
  • A safe space and dynamic environment to practice in with peers
  • A personal leadership plan which you will take forward for the rest of your career

Organisational Benefits

  • Confident, motivated and resilient leaders
  • Inclusive leaders who know how to build and lead inclusive teams
  • Built capacity amongst senior leaders to champion, retain and promote diverse talent
  • More choice of high potential talent for senior roles
  • Higher engagement and retention of employees
  • Consistent application of policies across complex organisational structures
  • Better customer loyalty, improved organisational innovation and performance

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