Inclusive Leadership Programme

Elevate your team performance by building more inclusive cultures


Designed by our award-winning leadership experts, the Inclusive Leadership Programme has a strong neuroscience base. The course helps managers to elevate team performance by building more inclusive cultures. Content is co-created to support your diversity and inclusion goals and delivered using face-to-face workshops alongside interactive webinars and experiential group work.

Suitable for

This course can be customised to suit middle or senior leadership levels who are responsible for leading diverse teams. Cohorts of 10 – 15 participants can include:

  • People managers: senior and middle management
  • New managers


Participants will be introduced to the power of Inclusive Leadership during this effective,  six-part,  experiential training programme which covers:

  • Leadership skills to help create an inclusive culture and promote diverse thinking
  • What it takes to lead high-performing teams demonstrating superior innovation and financial results
  • The identification of personal leadership goals and routes for career progression
  • Modules include: Harnessing Diversity for Innovation, Talent Attraction, Improving Decision Making, Winning in Diverse Markets, Inspiring and Motivating and Developing a Coaching Management Style

Organisational benefits

  • A strong pipeline of leaders who are equipped for a rapidly changing global environment
  • Financial benefits resulting from greater retention and performance of talented individuals
  • Diverse teams more engaged with broader organisational ambitions and shared accountability for diversity and inclusion goals

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