Unconscious Bias Training

Increase your employees' understanding of how unconscious biases impact decisions


Delegates are introduced to unconscious bias and its effects through four short, richly animated modules. This interactive course covers everything from what bias really is, how it affects decision-making and behaviour, to the different biases we experience in different environments. The training includes engaging lessons, challenging quizzes, and practical activities to embed knowledge and develop skills.

Combining award-winning, customisable software with the latest neuroscience research, this e-learning standards (SCORM) compliant training course is both globally scalable and accessible for diverse audiences.

Suitable for

This course can be customised to suit different experience levels across an organisation globally. Suitable audiences include the following:

  • Managers
  • Recruiters
  • Employees


  • Enhanced understanding of how unconscious bias impacts decisions
  • Skills to challenge attitudes and behaviours
  • Improved quality of decision making across teams
  • Ability to think and interact differently

Organisational benefits

  • Easy to embed into existing LMS
  • Customisable to your brand
  • Result measurement and reporting
  • Attraction and retention of the best people
  • A more inclusive culture

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