Workplace Wellbeing

Attract and retain healthier, happier colleagues who can face challenges head on

This workshop series has been designed in response to a growing need from our clients to help boost inclusivity and workplace wellbeing. We all want to lead happier, healthier lives, but making that change can be easier said than done. Thankfully our renowned experts have some practical techniques that can help you become better leaders and more resilient humans during times of stress and change. Our workshops are delivered through a mix of exercises, discussion groups, coaching and activities, which bring theory to life and help you apply it every day.

Returning to Work Workshop

This one-day workshop supports colleagues returning to work after an extended absence or changing roles within an organisation.

Suitable for

Colleagues who are:

  • Returning to work from an extended absence (maternity, paternity, carer, illness, sabbatical)
  • Taking on a new job or role
  • Newly promoted
  • Experiencing redundancy


Participants will:

  • Identify strengths and deficiencies through a personal leadership audit
  • Understand the unique process of change
  • Unearth personal values, brand and authentic style
  • Create a network map to understand connections and support circles
  • Develop a ritual of balance and self-care through energy mapping
  • Practice meditation techniques to press pause and create space

Organisational benefits

  • Individuals and teams will be better prepared for re-integration
  • Employees will be more motivated and able to perform at high levels
  • Overall employee satisfaction and engagement will improve
  • Attraction and retention of the best people for making health and wellbeing a priority

Tackling Turbulence

This one-day workshop equips participants with tools and techniques to navigate teams through troubles and times of change.

Suitable for

  • Middle to senior managers
  • Colleagues managing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, disruption, or dangerous situations


Participants will:

  • Identify personal leadership brand and priorities
  • Gain tools to build trust and operate in ambiguity
  • Learn storytelling techniques to inspire  engage and involve
  • Use long term, inspirational, goals to set a direction and compass for travel
  • Manage personal reactions and other people through change
  • Take the fear out of change, uncertainty and volatility

Organisational benefits

  • Colleagues who can support and prepare teams and the organisation for change
  • Teams will experience a sense of direction during an unsettling time
  • Overall employee satisfaction, productivity and engagement will improve

Stress Buster

This one-day workshop enables participants to stress bust, build and improve resilience and develop key skills to manage tension.

Suitable for

Anybody who is experiencing stress. The biggest causes include:

  • Job insecurity
  • Excessive workload
  • Bullying or harassment
  • Lack of support from colleagues
  • Lack of clarity on roles and responsibilities
  • Inability to be your true self in the workplace

Source: adapted from European Agency for Health and Safety at Work poll in 31 Countries.


Participants will

  • Hear about the physiology of stress and understand the symptoms of burnout
  • Learn about peak performance through energy mapping
  • Develop a renewed sense of self-worth and inclusion
  • Master the ability to articulate needs and wants
  • Learn how to deal with difficult people
  • Get to know emotions and be able to reframe negative thinking

Organisational benefits

  • Individuals will be better prepared to manage tension and stress
  • Overall employee satisfaction and engagement will improve
  • Attraction and retention of the best people for making health and wellbeing a priority

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